Pangako Sa’yo, 2022 – Linoleum Block Prints on K-Salagao paper and Gampi Silk Tissue

Pangako sa’yo means a promise to you. A promise that if we rise up, we are able to find and mend what was lost from our culture. Pangako sa’yo, kapag nakabangon na tayo mahahanap at matatagpian natin ang mga nawala sa ating kultura.

This piece represents that even if we’ve been heavily influenced by the Spanish and American colonial periods, parts of our culture can still be taken back, re-learned and embraced.

The tissue layer represents colonization. While we can’t completely decolonize, we can still rise up and find what was lost.

Through pieces 1-5 (left to right), the Sampaguita flowers on the bottom gradually increase. This represents the new generation rising up and reclaiming our roots.

Lastly, the transition from the latin alphabet to the baybayin script was something I wanted to include because the script is a part of our history that should be greatly acknowledged and appreciated.
Photography by: @lazompire
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